Club Changes: Mountain Kayak Polo is no longer just a loose association of boaters, we’re an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating under the name “Fort Collins Kayak Polo” in order to avoid any paperwork confusion. If you see both names around, that’s why. Our mission is to further the sports of kayak polo and kayaking in general, both locally and internationally. This means more youth development and international competitions like U.S. Nationals. Stay tuned for details.

Roll Sessions: Brand new this year, we’re offering roll session punch cards. Without a punch card, rolling costs $10/night. A 5 session punch card costs $40 ($8/night) and a 10 session card costs $70 ($7/night). Valid any polo night (this year there are 21 nights) and the cards have no expiration so you can also use them next year. Not valid for polo, one person per punch card.

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New Player Orientation: On the first night of each season (Fall, Winter, and Spring) we’ll have a rules/reffing/club talk for new players or those who want a refresher  — Be to the pool early, about 8:30 pm, and let the organizer know that you’d like to be in on the orientation talk. If you can’t make it, you can familiarize yourself with the game by reading our How To Play Polo section, and read more about gear and safety here.