2016-2017 Mountain Kayak Polo Seasons:

Fall Season: 12/8-12/15 (2 wks)
Winter Season: 1/12 – 3/9 (9 wks)
Spring Season: 3/23 – 4/27 (6 wks)

A typical polo night goes from 8:10 pm to 10:45 pm on the above Thursdays at EPIC in Fort Collins. Times may vary slightly based on the pool schedule, we’ll update in the weekly email newsletter as necessary.

  • Everyone must pay and sign a release form BEFORE playing. (We have release forms at the pool, or you can print one out ahead of time here — ACA_waiver_adult or ACA_waiver_minor.  You can also pay ahead of time using MKP’s Square Store, for more info on fees see our Costs Page)
  • Starting around 8:10 pm, we’ll have a sign up sheet on the scoring table by the pool. As you come in, make sure that you have the person at the table sign you up to play.
  • Help with pool setup (moving pool bulkhead(s), removing lane lines, goal setup), get dressed, and be ready to play by 8:30.
  • We’ll make up as many evenly-skilled teams as we can by 8:30, and distribute any late arrivals evenly among the teams. (Let us know if you’ll be late if possible, it helps us make better teams!)
  • The schedule for the night will depend on how many teams we form, and will be enforced by the team running the scoring table.  Each team will get at least two games per night.
  • If your team isn’t playing, you shouldn’t be in the pool. You should be helping at the scoring table or reffing.
  • The schedule and team list will always be at the scoring table.  If you don’t know what team you’re on or when they play, ask at the table.
  • We’ll play until at least 10:05 and then plan to help with cleanup for ~20 mins at the end of the night. It goes much faster when everyone pitches in!  We need to be out of the pool area by 10:45.
  • Get a beer (or your beverage of choice) at The Trailhead Tavern.