Roll Session Fees:

Not into the rough-and-tumble of polo or just want to roll? No problem! The east pool is available for rolling on polo nights. You can Pay Online at our Square store, or we can take payment at the pool. Space is limited, so pay early online to guarantee your spot! $8/night with your own boat, or $12/night if you use an MKP boat (subject to availability).

Polo Fees:

We use club fees to pay for pool time, polo gear (boats, PFDs, balls, goals. etc.), equipment maintenance, and insurance. We keep polo as economical as possible charging only what we need to cover the club’s actual costs, and we appreciate prompt payments because that makes it possible keep MKP running smoothly. Payment in the forms of credit cards, checks, and cash (exact change, please) all work for us.  You can Pay Online at our Square store, or we can take payment at the pool — your choice. Since fees have doubled and we have to pay the pool ahead of time, it would be very helpful if you could pay as early as possible!

Fall Season 2016: 12/7, 12/14 — $30
Winter Season 2017: 1/11 – 3/8 (9 wks) — $144
Spring Season 2017: 3/22 – 4/26 (6 wks) — $96

Drop-In Play is $19/night

Discounts:  Because we like to keep attendance high and bookkeeping simple, we offer  discounts for early payments, full-season payments,  and recruiting.  Discounts may not be combined, and some (like the friend discount) can only be redeemed by showing up with your actual friend at the pool.  🙂

$10 off — Pay for one full season on or before the first night of the season! (Fall doesn’t count this year…too short!)

$25 off — Pay for two full seasons at once, get almost two free nights of polo! ($151 for fall/winter, $215 for winter/spring)

$45 off — Pay for three full seasons at once, get three free nights of polo! ($227 fall/winter/spring)

25% off for you AND a friend for one season — Bring a new player to polo, and we’ll give you both 25% off the regular price for ONE season! You and your friend must both pay together on the first night of polo to get this discount.

Student Discount — 25% off the single season rate for students with current/valid college ID.

Under 18 Discount — 50% off the single season rate for players under 18 with valid ID.

General Policies:

  • No refunds, period.
  • MKP reserves the right to refuse or discontinue participation for anyone. Reasons for this may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate or unsafe behavior toward other club members.